WildLife: Arabian Desert Animals

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Living in the Arabian peninsula, we are surrounded with a magnificent and limitless desert. Some of us have gone camping or dune bashing in the desert but we often forget it is a much richer habitat, home for many amazing species of animals and plants: the Arabian Desert actually counts over 100 native animals including mammals, reptiles, and birds which are well adapted to live in extreme desert climate.

The purpose of this box is to learn more about them so that next time we glance at the desert we can recognize some of the life forms that thrive within: following completion of this box, we should ideally be able to recognize a caracal, know what an Arabian leopard eats, where Arabian Tahr lives, plus much more fun facts.

In this box, you will find:

  • A series of stickers showing some of the most emblematic fauna and flora of the Region that you will have to recognize and assemble on an awesome poster
  • A canvas representing a Caracal that you can color, with the corresponding paint and paintbrush provide: you can hang your masterpiece on one of the walls of your room!
  • A magazine full of fun facts, games and more insights on the wonders of the desert around us
  • As usual, the collector sticker badge to attest you then became an expert of the Arabian desert