Time Travel : Back to Dinosaurs

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In this box, we will go back in time to learn more about creatures that existed a long long time ago: Dinosaurs. 

Even though dinosaurs disappeared more than 65 million years ago, they are still very present in movies, video games and our culture in general.

The general fascination with the T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex) is just the tip of the iceberg: this is a diverse group of more than a 1,000 species, from the smallest (less than 50 cm) to the massive Sauropod (more than 39 meters long).

We will also learn many fun facts about them (including that one of them visited the Dubai Mall not so long ago!!)

Can’t wait to discover more: let’s get started!

In this box you will find:

  • A dig out kit: grab your chisel, hammer and dusting brush to dig into a compressed earth block and excavate the fossil of an ancient dinosaur
  • A 3D puzzle of a terrifying T-Rex: 30 pieces to put together and the magnificent creature will come to life before your eyes!
  • A magazine full of illustrations, fun facts about dinosaurs and games around this topic
  • Your corresponding badge sticker to attest you became an expert in paleontology!