Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and we will deliver your Yadaki boxes to your doorstep. We are also working in parallel to expand our deliveries beyond the UAE, to other GCC countries
Absolutely, you can purchase individual boxes to try it out – and once you fall in love with the product you can opt to subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months and get a new box delivered each month delivered conveniently, and at a lower price
Definitely – in fact, a lot of our customers do that when they are organizing a birthday party for example, so all the kids have the same set of activities to play with. And don’t worry, we have your back: if you purchase 3, 6 or 12 identical boxes, we will make you benefit from the corresponding subscription price
You can reach out to us any time via whatsapp (+971 50 868 38 81) or email ( and we will get back to you very shortly
We try to anticipate your wishes and bring you an exciting surprise every month – however if there is a specific thematic box you would like to get next, please drop us a line and by all means we will try to accommodate your preference in the next delivery
Our activity boxes are indeed calibrated by age group (Oryx boxes or Falcon boxes) – as they grow, kids need to be exposed to different types of manual and intellectual activities. To update the category of boxes you will receive, you can simply reach out to us via whatsapp or email and we will adjust accordingly going forward
We are supported by a large network of experts, including educators from the best academic systems and covering the different age segments. We have also talked to dozens of parents from the Region to gather their feedback on what’s most useful and exciting to their children in our context. All in all we spend a minimum of 1,000 hours designing each one of the boxes.
The content of the boxes is inspired by educational programs from the Region, but also from the UK, France, Singapore and the US school systems. It complements what our kids learn at school and the activities they do there, by helping expanding their curiosity and interest to topics locally relevant and spark their curiosity and creativity – it will of course never be a substitute to the essential learnings from schools
The materials used in the activities are certified and comply with the highest standards in safety for kids use. Besides, and this is critical for us, we make sure that the products are either from recycled or recyclable material
You can do that any time via whatsapp, email or our website – our customer team will be very happy to support
Yes, you can cancel your subscriptions any time – we will refund the difference, adjusted to the price of the individual boxes you would have received so far
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