Guiding The Young Generation To Success.

We are parents living in the U.A.E. who want to support their kids growth in the most caring and sustainable way, but realised that sometimes we needed help to come up with fun activities relevant to their age 😊

Our Vision

We are looking for ways to complement what they learn at school and spend quality time with them while learning new, interesting content every time, adapted to their age. We also want them to open their eyes and be more aware of the wonders of our Region.

Our Mission

While there are a lot of very cool sport and cultural activities outdoor, how could we have that fun experience from the comfort of our home? That is when we decided to launch Yadaki to provide experiences that spark our kids curiosity and creativity, while learning meaningful content, tailored to the world around us.
About the Yadaki Team

Our Experts

Each box is the result of 300+ hours of hard work bringing together a large panel of experts. We partner with scientists, educators, designers, engineers, artists, and manufacturers, who work tirelessly to satisfy the most demanding audience: our kids!

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Have a Question?

Yes, and we will deliver your Yadaki boxes to your doorstep. We are also working in parallel to expand our deliveries beyond the UAE, to other GCC countries
Absolutely, you can purchase individual boxes to try it out – and once you fall in love with the product you can opt to subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months and get a new box delivered each month delivered conveniently, and at a lower price
Definitely – in fact, a lot of our customers do that when they are organizing a birthday party for example, so all the kids have the same set of activities to play with. And don’t worry, we have your back: if you purchase 3, 6 or 12 identical boxes, we will make you benefit from the corresponding subscription price
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